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Different methods of remove your hair

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1. The entry-level hair removal method:

The most common methods of hair removal are: shaving, hair plucking,  hair removal wax, hair removal cream, etc., these are entry-level hair removal operations. You can practice it only with the aid of simple tools. But this is not the fundamental solution, the hair would appear again in 3 to 5 days.

1. Shaving: Basically all people who are troubled by hair have tried this method of hair removal. The operation is very simple and it can be done easily. However, you need to moisturize the skin before shaving to keep the skin in a smooth state, otherwise it is very Easy to scratch the skin.

Advantages: low price, simple operation, little damage to the skin.

Disadvantages: easy to shave but not clean, there will be black spots in the pores, and easy to get injured.

Pain index: one star.


2. Hair plucking: This method is simple and rude. Use tweezers to pluck the hair out, removed it from the root. I believe many people have used this method to pluck eyebrows or lip hair.

Advantages: simple and convenient.

Disadvantages: The process of plucking is painful, and the pores may become inflammatory.

Pain index: four stars.

3. Wax hair removal: This is a way to avoid long pain, compare to the hair plucking which is plucked one by one. Wax is used to pluck the hair in a large area, thus the pain feeling is very strong.

Advantages: reasonable price and simple operation.

Disadvantages: The feeling of pain is particularly strong, and it is not recommended for women who are afraid of pain.

Pain index: five stars

4. Hair removal cream: The chemical ingredients in this product can soft the hair, but can only soften the hair on the epidermis, and cannot uproot the hair. Long-term use may cause dull skin or hair follicle inflammation.

Advantages: easy to use.

Disadvantages: It is irritating, smells bad, and is not friendly to the skin.

Pain index: one star

2. Hair removal in beauty salons:

Many people choose to go to beauty salons or medical institutions for hair removal, instead of manually removing hair by themselves, they can easily remove hair by lying down comfortably.

Advantages: obvious effect, long duration

Disadvantages: expensive.

Pain index: four stars

3. Household Laser Hair Removal Device:

The home laser hair removal device can be said to be the savior of many people. It can help you remove hair at home, and the operation is also very simple. This is also one of the secrets for many celebrities to share for their white and tender skin.

Advantages: long term effect and relatively safe.

Disadvantages: Slightly more expensive than the physical hair removal methods which shared above.

Pain index: two stars.

The above are the several hair removal methods shared by Noble. Finally, here Noble reminds everyone that only by choosing the correct hair removal method that can achieve the best results!

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