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Does home use hair removal device hurts hair follicles

Time : 2020-04-25 Hits : 3


Many friends will be tangled while using the home hair removal device, whether it cause great damage to the hair follicle after use or whether it affect the normal sweating of the human body. Before figuring out the problem, I think I need to introduce the working principle of hair removal device.

Generally when hair removal instrument is working, it is stimulated by strong light to penetrate the epidermis and reach the dermis layer of the hair follicle. The black hair roots inside the hair follicles destroy the hair follicles by absorbing the heat of photons, causes hair to fall off and stop growing. Therefore, in order to achieve the hair removal effect, it is necessary to destroy the hair follicles but not serious harm, so please use it without any worries.

The sweat glands and hair follicles exist in two different locations on the skin. Destroying the hair follicles only affects the normal growth of hair, and does not have any effect on normal sweating.

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