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Does the epilator really achieve permanent hair removal?

Time : 2021-06-24 Hits : 16

On the topic of hair removal devices, there will always be a variety of questions from everyone, whether the current hair removal technology is perfect, and whether the use of the hair removal device will affect our health, of course, one of the point that everyone is most concerned about is: Whether it is really possible to achieve permanent hair removal when using the hair removal device, after all, this is also an original intention of using the hair removal device.

Girls who love beauty have tried all kinds of methods for hair removal, using hair removal cream and hair removal shaver? Have you noticed that it has grown again after a short period of time? After shaving with a hair removal shaver, it is found that the hair follicles are prone to inflammation and form many small red spots. The hair is also thicker and thicker as the hair is shaved. Based on these problems, the home ipl hair removal device became popular soon after it was launched on the market.


Many people have a misunderstanding about the hair removal device, that is, the hair removal device will not grow after using it once. In fact, this is wrong.

Having said that, we need to have a correct understanding of our hair growth cycle. The hair growth cycle is divided into three cycles: growth phase, regression phase, and resting phase. Every day we will have natural hair loss, and at the same time there will be new hair. Hair grows out gradually. Because the number of hairs that are shed is roughly balanced with the number of hairs that grow, it seems that the number of hairs is always that many, but in fact, some of the hair follicles are in the resting period and there is no hair emerging phenomenon.

Laser hair removal mainly affects the hair in the growth phase. It is basically ineffective for the hair in the regression phase and the resting phase. You must wait for this part of the hair to circulate to the next growth phase before treatment, and this part of the hair enters the growth phase is a cyclical process one after another, rather than growing together. Therefore, ipl hair removal generally requires 5-10 times of use or even more times to achieve a better hair removal effect.

Hair removal is a long process, as long as we insist on using the hair removal device correctly, we will definitely achieve the results we want!

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