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Does the pulse light hair removal device hurt?

Time : 2020-08-28 Hits : 5

Does the pulse light hair removal device hurt?

At present, pulsed light technology is widely used in home hair removal products. Because its energy is moderate and it can reach the wavelength (550-1200nm) required for hair removal, it is the first to be widely used in home hair removal products by Philips. Compared with laser hair removal devices, pulsed light technology is safer and less painful. Completely achieve self-finishing hair removal at home.


Which laser hair removal device is good

Speaking of laser hair removal devices, the best known is the 808 laser hair removal device. It is mostly used in large-scale beauty salons or plastic surgery hospitals, and has excellent hair removal effects on key areas with high energy. However, the cost is relatively high. If you are an individual user, it is recommended to use a home hair removal device. After a period of consistent use, the hair removal effect would not be worse than the laser hair removal device.

Which brand of hair removal device is good?

When it comes to hair removal devices, the brand's first recommendation is definitely Philips' home hair removal devices, it is definitely the vane of the current home hair removal industry. Followed by some popular brands of hair removal devices, Silk’n - Israeli brand is also the leader in the hair removal device industry. There are also some brands that have made breakthroughs in appearance, such as Ulike, Jovs, and Smoothskin, occupying most of the retail market with their unique appearance and new features.

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