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Excessive body hair is mostly caused by these reasons

Time : 2021-04-30 Hits : 527

Recently, some photos of fitness and weight loss have been posted by friends around them, and they are accompanied by words like " the summer contest is about to begin, come on everybody!". For many people, especially for young girls, in addition to entangled in "weight loss" this matter, may also worry about another thing: that is thick body hair.

The people have thick body hair, which is mostly caused by these reasons:

1, Genetic inheritance is one of the reasons. If the elder parents in the family belong to people with excessive body hair, then it is probably that this type of gene will be passed on to you. In addition, there are some reasons that can cause people's body hair to grow excessively, that is, race, gender, age, and hormone levels can also affect people's body hair.

2, Hormonal drugs can also cause excessive hair, because hormone drugs can easily cause endocrine disorders in the body. Especially those drugs containing male hormones can easily cause androgens in the body to rise.

3, If you maintain a bad life habit for a long time, it will also lead to endocrine disorders and heavy hair. Often staying up late and eating spicy food will also affect the body's endocrine to a certain extent.

In fact, everyone has body hair around the lips, jaw, legs, and underarms, but different people have different physiques, so they show differently. This is why some human bodies have dense hair and some sparse hair. In our daily life, we can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to develop good daily habits. It will also be a great help for us to get rid of body hair!

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