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Hair removal - something we have been working hard since ancient times

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As an animal whose hair is not rich, human beings are very emotional about their own hair: men are troubled by how to avoid hair loss, and women are how to get rid of their hair. Which girl doesn't want to show her hair on the hot summer days. The sleek effect that the girls expect is better. The hair removal products are more mature than the anti-off products, and the effect is immediate. This is inseparable from the painstaking research of human ancestors for generations.

Ancient hair removal: hair removal, the ancients are serious


In ancient Egypt, the priests as servants of God must be cleansed than ordinary people. In addition to washing the body with holy water, they must also remove all body hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes. The practical significance of the "Mummy Return" still in Egypt is to make the head nowhere. The Nile River is hot and humid, and the possibility of having a scorpion is great. Even the members of the royal family have stripped their hair and put on a wig. The distribution of hair density in the world's population also lives in hot Africa. The black hair of China and Africa is poor. The human hair of Egypt is so skeptical. As a human race with a high density of hair, in order to improve efficiency, they have invented two methods of hair removal. - beeswax and razor.

China, which is also an ancient country with four great civilizations, is not strong in hair, but it cannot fall behind in the case of hair removal! Moreover, the tools and techniques we use are completely different from those of Egypt, and they are more popular among the people. That is, “opening the face”. Open your face with two thin lines, roll on the unneeded hair area, and wring off the fine hair of the face and neck. It is really good to open the hair than the scorpion, and the necessity of hair removal is added. one cent.

Then there is the factor of artificial propaganda. In the past, American women did not shave their hair. In 1917, a company specializing in male razors in the United States, in order to stimulate sales, looked at female consumers who are more likely to save money, and launched a series of advertisements to promote the "unhygienic" and "not sexy" The purpose is naturally to let them buy blades and shave their hair.


In 1940, in order to consolidate the results, the company launched a female-only electric razor. Regardless of the sales volume, women should not have the concept of body hair, and success is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. What followed was the emergence of various types of hair removal products.

In the middle of the 20th century, hair removal cream was born. This mysterious paste can remove the body hair on the surface of the skin without pain. It is not as easy to cut yourself as the blade, and it is popular among many women.

But whether it is a razor or a hair removal cream, the roots of the hair are always clean and touched, so the waxing technique of ancient Egypt reappears in the rivers and lakes. From the "root" to solve the problem of hair removal, the effect is immediate. Of course, the pain is proportional to the effect. Can't you go? Hurt each other! A small bug, the body hair is like the weeds in the spring breeze, the razor can't be shaved, the wax paper can't be pulled out, just a few days, no spring breeze, they can all flourish. What the girls are pursuing is the perfect state of anytime, anywhere, not periodic repetitive work. Then, optical hair removal technology was born. Although the pain and the number of treatments are many, the pain is still in the range we can tolerate compared with the waxing of the beeswax, and the aging is long, and the new hair is scarce, so it is still recognized by women.


Hair removal from ancient times to the present, to the domestic home use IPL hair removal instrument of Shenzhen Noble, the epilator has changed dramatically from appearance to use. Portable, long-lasting, compact, mini, easy to use and safe.

As long as the silver is enough, all the above methods can be tried.

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