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Household freezing point depilator, refused to be a kiwi girl

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When I was a child in order to love the United States, secretly take his father's razor shave hair, the result of panic in the forehead shave bleeding, leaving scar. After growing up to see the street white nennen girl, envy and strange, they do not have redundant hair, in addition to the original whitening sun block also secretly took off hair. Young do not know that there is a domestic depilator, beauty salon charges by the site, the cost makes people want to cry, until the norplatinum freezing point laser depilator.

Norplatinum freezing point depilator, the UK's new multiple effect rapid cooling technology, with CE,ROHS,FCC, appearance patent certificate, quality safety and reliability. With ice compress function, mild and no stimulation and cold comfortable experience, the principle of hair removal is that light penetrates the skin to the hair follicle, because there are more melanin in the hair follicle, melanin will absorb light and convert it into heat energy, the hair follicle will enter the dormant state after being heated, and then destroy the hair follicle to achieve the effect of hair removal. Insist on using 6-10 times to achieve the depilation effect, bid farewell to repeated hair growth. Smooth and flawless skin can be confidently displayed.


The depilator is significantly less painful than the laser depilator at the beauty salon, and most importantly, the ice treatment can shrink pores and make your skin noticeably whiter than before.

Another highlight of this depilator is the function of automatically recognizing skin color. It can automatically select the right gear according to skin color. You don't have to worry about which gear is suitable for you. Manual light out, first of all, power on after wearing goggles, so that the lamp cap fit the skin, intelligent recognition of skin color automatic selection of gear, short press light out button, that is, manual light out, long press light out button, automatic light out.

It can be used at home at any time. It is light and easy to carry when traveling. At the same time, it also has 5 levels of energy adjustment and contact light output design. Half a million times of light, a person with 100 thousand times of light, basically no hair, so the whole family can share a depilator, keep the instrument clean.

And it's a better deal than a salon where you can take off all your hair.

Together about hair removal, this summer, refused to do kiwi girl, together to do a naked poached egg.

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