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How about the using steps of Noble hair removal device

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Noble as a manufacturer has been serving other well-known brands of hair removal devices, has also recently lauched its main product. Cause of the years of accumulated experience and a complete product supply chain, a totally new hair removal device was finally launched in May this year. The appearance adopts a streamlined body similar to a hair dryer, with a youthful vitality in the exquisite appearance. The toroidal cooling area design enhances your icy feeling in an all-round way, so that you can enjoy hair removal in the hot summer. Double heat dissipation can consolidate the effect of icy feeling. After so much information about the Noble company, le me introduce the specific steps of using this hair removal device.

Preparation before using:

1. Before using the device, please use shaving to remove hair in the area which need to be removed

If in the recent (in the past week) you got the hair removal method is physically uproot the hair, you can irradiate without shaving.

Please note that if the hair on the surface of the skin is not cleaned, it may cause adverse conditions during irradiation as follows:

1) The dust on the hair may absorb part of the light energy, causing severe pain and redness

2) The hair on the skin may be burned, which can severely burn the skin.

2. Thoroughly clean the skin to ensure that the skin is hairless, dry and free of oily substances

3. Check whether the instrument body and light output are clean. If there is any dust or hair, please wipe them clean

4. Refer to the skin tone contrast card and choose the light intensity that suits your skin color.


Steps for using:

1. Connect the power supply; connect the power supply after checking that the power supply is dry and undamaged. The indicator light will light up when it is connected, and then light off, indicating that the instrument has been successfully powered.

2. Long press the power button for 2s. At this time, the instrument will start and the internal cooling system will be synchronized. If there is no next step, it will automatically shut down after 4 minutes.

3. Choose a suitable light intensity and try to out light. If you can adapt, please increase the light intensity. The higher the intensity is, the better effect of hair removal.

4. Wear goggles to prevent eyes from damage by strong light.

5. Close to the skin for lighting, it is recommended to circulate the whole body for about 2-3 times. Do not repeatedly irradiate the same area, there is a risk of burns to the skin.

6. After the hair removal is completed, long press the power button to shut down the device. Just let the instrument stay there, and wait until the system automatically cools down. Unplug the power adapter.


Skin care after using:

1. If the skin is red after the irradiation. Use cold packs or wet towels to compresse on the skin, then mouisturizing.

2. Do not use perfume, masks and cosmetics on the hair removal area

3. 24-72 hours after hair removal, avoid UV exposure, please pay attention to sunscreen.

In fact, not only for the hair removal device produced by Noble, after understanding and familiar with this process, most of the hair removal devices on the market can be used in such specifications. In order to ensure the safety of your own use and the effectiveness of hair removal, I also hope that you can follow this process to use the hair removal device. Finally, I wish you will get rid of the trouble of hair as soon as possible.

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