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How to avoid red spots after using the home hair removal device.

Time : 2020-11-04 Hits : 4

Recently, many friends reported that after using the home hair removal device, ther are small red spots in some hair removal areas. Itchy and a little uncomfortable. So why does this happen? Under normal circumstances, it is because the light energy does not reach the hair follicles directly. Light energy is absorbed by impurities on the surface of the skin, which generates heat and burns the surface of the skin.


Doing the following can help you solve this problem well;

1. Before using the instrument, do physical hair removal work. Remove hair on the surface of the skin.

2. Clean the skin surface to ensure that there is no dust or residual hair.

3. Clean the light outlet of the instrument to ensure that there are no dust on the filter.

In short, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment and the skin are clean and tidy to achieve better hair removal results and avoid skin injuries.

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