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How to choose hair removal device for home use

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Choose hair removal device for home use tips:

1, Choose a good appearance hair removal instrument

The design of precision appearance mold is the primary factor to check the safety. Some hair removal instruments will have large cracks when they are pinched by hand. At the same time, the drop test will not pass, resulting in high voltage leakage and light leakage during use.

2, Choose a hair removal device with high energy density

Energy density (the amount of energy per square centimeter) is an important indicator of the effectiveness of hair removal. The higher the energy density, the more effective the hair removal and the longer the effect. However, high energy is more destructive to hair follicles, and it is more likely to cause adverse skin reactions and more pain.

3, Choose a higher wavelength hair removal device

The wavelength of the household IPL hair removal device is generally the lowest, the higher the safety, the better the safety, especially for dark skin. To ensure safety, it is first and foremost to avoid photon energy with shorter wavelengths. Insufficient penetration of short wavelengths, unable to reach the hairy protrusion or hair bulb for treatment.

The larger the area of the hair removal device with a lamp head area of 3 cm or more, the more convenient and quicker it is to use. However, the larger the IPL lamp head of a general photon hair removal device, the smaller the energy density, so the light area cannot be seen lightly, and the energy density is very low. If you buy color IPL, it is recommended to buy a 3cm or more should be used very fast.

4, Choose a hair removal device with a higher optical frequency

Nowadays, many hair removal devices have the function of continuous flashes. The flashes frequency is the time interval between the two light rays. The shorter the time, the faster the treatment. But you can't just look at the frequency. Generally, if the total energy of a single release of the instrument is higher, the flashes will be slower, and the higher the selected energy level, the flashes is of course slower.

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