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How to choose home hair removal device correctly

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First let me introduce something about hair removal device. Hair removal devices are divided into home IPL intense pulsed light hair removal devices and laser hair removal devices. The principles of them are the same, using the "selective photopyrolysis effect", which is simply using the melanin of the hair follicle absorbs light energy and heats up the papilla of the hair follicle, thereby destroying hair growth to achieve the purpose of hair removal. At present, the hair removal devices on the retail market are basically IPL intense pulsed light hair removal devices, while laser hair removal devices are generally used in beauty salons and hospitals.


Generally, for home use hair removal device only need to choose the IPL hair removal device. The most important specifications are the wavelength and energy of the hair removal device.

Wavelength: The longer the wavelength, the stronger the penetration to the skin, the better the hair removal effect, and the less damage to the skin.

Principle: the penetration of different wavelengths in skin tissue is different. The longer the wavelength, the better the penetration. The energy of the light wavelength can pass through the skin surface to the root of the hair follicle, and then the light in the hair follicle will be absorbed and transformed. Thereby generating heat energy that destroys hair follicle tissue. The light will not damage the surrounding tissues while working on the hair follicle, the safety performance is very high.

Energy: The higher the energy, the more damage to the hair roots, and of course the better the hair removal effect will be.

Principle: The energy of the current home use IPL hair removal device is not particularly high, so don't worry about the energy being too high and hurt your skin. The general home use hair removal device only needs to reach 4J/cm² to achieve the hair removal effect.

In terms of effects, every model hair removal device on the market has the hair removal effect. But because of different technologies, the hair removal cycle; hair removal effect; and hair removal experience are not the same. You can choose according to your needs.

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