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How to choose the home hair removal instrument correctly

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First of all, let's talk about the depilation instrument in detail. The depilation instrument is divided into household IPL intense pulse light depilation instrument and laser depilation instrument. The principle of depilation is the same. They all use "selective photopyrolysis effect". In short, it is "using hair follicle melanin to heat the hair follicle nipples after absorbing light energy, so as to destroy hair growth to achieve the purpose of depilation". At present, the hair removal instruments sold on the market are basically IPL strong pulse light hair removal instruments, while laser hair removal instruments are generally used in beauty salons and hospitals.


Generally, we only need to choose IPL strong pulse light depilator for our household depilator. The most important thing is to learn the wavelength and energy of the depilator.


Wavelength: the longer the wavelength, the stronger the penetration to the skin, the better the depilation effect, and the less likely it is to hurt the skin.


Principle: the penetration of different wavelengths in skin tissue is different. The longer the wavelength, the better the penetration. The laser wavelength energy can pass through the skin surface to the root of hair follicle, and then the light in hair follicle will be absorbed and transformed, so as to destroy the heat of hair follicle tissue. The heat can burn the growing hair, And the laser will not damage the surrounding tissues while playing a role in the hair follicle, and the safety performance is also very high.


Energy: the higher the energy, the more serious the damage to the dermal papilla. Of course, the better the depilation effect will be.


Principle: at present, the energy of household IPL hair remover is not particularly high, so we don't have to worry about hurting our skin because the energy is too high. However, the energy of general household hair remover only needs to reach about 20j, which can completely play the effect of hair removal.

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