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How to use IPL depilator? What do you need to pay attention to? Here tell you how to do with it

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How to depilate

After a while, it's summer. Many girls are ready for depilation. So in the process of using the depilator, Most of you want to know how to use it and what needs to be paid attention to. I would like to share with you some things that need to be noticed in depilation with my many years of experience.


How to use depilator

The principle of depilation instrument is to destroy hair follicle, and the growing hair is not the target of treatment, so the first step is to use a razor to remove hair. General depilators are equipped with a razor.

Second, you may say, some hair removal device need to use gel, if all hair removal instruments need to use gel? In the past two years, the use of gel in hair removal process is very common. With the continuous updating of products, the current household hair removal device does not need to use gel.

Third, gently touch the skin with the light outlet of the product, then move to the next area for operation. In order to avoid skin injury, the same place can not be operated many times at a time. Each place shall be operated once, and the second operation shall be started after completing a cycle. Cycle 2-3 times. Goggles should be worn during operation. Generally, all device will be equipped with goggles.


Fourth, frequency of use. Generally speaking, the course of treatment with hair removal device is three months. As shown in the figure below, I have been using this product once a week in the first month, once every two weeks in the second month and once in the third month,such like this operation can complete a course of treatment. Solve the hair problem at the root cause.

OK, what I'm sharing with you today is how to use the depilator. The next article is the points for attention. Thanks for watching.

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