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How to use the hair removal device safely

Time : 2021-06-24 Hits : 14

I don’t know if you still remember what it was like when you got your hair removed for the first time. Noble still remembered the first time I used tweezers to pluck the hairs on my fingers, I was screaming out in pain. I tried the first time and never want to try the second time. At that time, the optical principle of hair removal was still limited to hospitals and large beauty salons. With the development of society, the optical principle of hair removal has gradually entered thousands of users in the family from hospitals and beauty salons., it is absolutely convenient for everyone to get rid of hair at home.

As a household electronic product, although its energy is much smaller than that of the laser equipment in the hospital, it does not affect the processing of removing our body hair at all, but we must also pay attention to how to use the household hair removal device more safely, after all, it is about our own body, still have to be cautious!


For the safe use of the home hair removal device, Noble has made the following sorting out, and you can learn from it when using it in the future:

1. Before use, please use a shaver to remove hair in the area which needs to be depilated. If you have physically pulled up the hair by roots (e.g., hair removal tongs, wax paper, etc.) recently, you can do the hair removal treatment without shaving. Please pay attention to this step. Unshaved or unshaved skin may cause bad conditions during irradiation, because the dust in our hair may absorb part of the light energy, which may cause skin Severe pain or redness, the hair on the skin may be scorched, and severely burn the surface skin;

2. Thoroughly clean the skin to ensure that the skin is hair-free, completely dry, and free of oily substances (residues such as perfume, lotion, body lotion, sunscreen, etc.);

3. Check whether the body of the instrument and the light window are clean and tidy. If there are contaminants such as hair, dust and fibers, please wipe them clean;

4. After using the instrument for a period of time, please pay attention to check whether the skin color is obviously abnormal, such as white to black, purple, etc.; if necessary, go to the hospital for skin examination immediately, because pulsed light is first applied in the medical industry,  and if the skin is obviously abnormal after doing the hair removal treatment, it may indicate that there are lesions in the bottom layer of the skin;

5. Wear protective glasses at all times for every operation. Generally, the hair removal device that everyone buys on the market will be equipped with protective glasses. Although the pulsed light does not directly affect the eyes, the high-frequency flashing light may affect the eyes. Has a certain impact to our eyesight.

Finally, it is not advisable to bathe in hot water after hair removal. You should use some moisturizing skin care products to let your skin rest. At the same time, you should also pay attention to strengthening body sun care!


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