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How to use the home hair removal device correctly

Time : 2020-09-03 Hits : 3

The term "Cross Dress" originally originated from anime, but with the vigorous promotion of Bilibili and the development of the self-media platform in recent years. More and more people are beginning to come into contact with these words and even people. Especially the live broadcast and TikTok have made a group of cross dress boys famous, including the very famous CC , Xuan Mo, and my favorite Abbily. Looking at Abby's face, body, and long legs, it is hard to imagine that he is actually a man. But don't worry, I am still fine as a real man. However, it is well known that men must be generally more vigorous in hair than women, even if there are a few men with less hair. But there are so many Cross Dress boys, it is impossible that every one of them does not have hair, especially the male secondary sexual characteristics, beards. So how does the they to maintain their silky skin.

Seeing a man with extremely smooth skin makes you jealous too. In addition to their own body conditions are indeed very good, their biggest secret is to use the home photon hair removal device. This product can not only remove their hair perfectly, but also has skin rejuvenation and beauty effects. To achieve good results, not only a good hair removal device is needed, but the correct using steps are also essential.


One: physical hair removal

Before using the device, physically removal the hair in the depilated area first. Simply using a shaving knife to remove the visible surface of the skin. However, two points need to be paid attention to. 1. After removing the hair on the skin surface, the skin must be cleaned up, and there should be no hair residue or oil on the skin. 2. If your skin is particularly sensitive, redness will appear after physical hair removal. It is recommended to rehydrate and wait for the skin to return to its normal color, or wait until to next day then use the instrument to remove hair.

Two: Adjust the energy intensity

General home hair removal devices have multiple energy levels to choose, it is recommended to try from the lowest. If there is no discomfort when lighting, you can increase the energy. The higher the energy, the better is the effect of hair removal. A small reminder, remember to wear goggles before performing lighting operations. Although the urgency of beauty is understandable, you must also protect your eyes.

Three: hair removal

When depilating the skin, you can choose different functions according to different hair removal parts. Basically, home hair removal devices have manual and automatic modes. Generally, manual mode is used to remove hair on local areas, such as cheeks, beards, fingers, underarms, etc. For arms, thighs, calves, etc., it is recommended to use the automatic light mode. Tip: Don't keep lighting the same part because of thick hair. Repeatedly lighting the same part will damage the skin. Only hit the same part once in a cycle, it is recommended to cycle 2-3 times.

Four: after-use care

Due to the large amount of heat generated when the instrument is working, some parts of the skin will become red after use. This is completely normal. It is recommended that you use cold water to rinse (ice if possible), and then use some moisturizing lotion. Note: Do not use products containing chemicals, including whitening products and cosmetics, on the hair removal area.

Five: frequency of use

1-2 weeks: use twice a week on average

3-4 weeks: once a week

5-8 weeks: use once every two weeks

After stabilization, try to maintain the frequency of use once a month to consolidate the hair removal effect.

The little secrets of the success of cross dress boys have already told you. Please call me Lei Feng. Wait no, please remember that we are a professional manufacturer of home hair removal devices-Noble Smart Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.

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