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Incomplete hair removal, how tenacious is the vitality of body hair

Time : 2021-04-30 Hits : 925

The foliage is getting lush and the flowers are blooming, the image of summer is getting stronger, do you feel it today?

The temperature in April increased day by day, many people who love beauty have been unable to contain their excitement for long time. Coats, sweaters, and trousers are all put away. The wardrobe has become a position of long skirts, suspenders, and shorts. We have to say summer is a colorful season, how many sweet girls like Xiao Nuo love summer very much.

With the arrival of summer, those girls love beauty have embarked on their own hair removal journey early, and the ones who have not caught up yet should hurry up. After all, time does not wait. We all know that the vitality of the body hairs is simply too tenacious. Traditional hair removal methods such as shaving knives and hair removal creams are not "its" opponents. Today, let's reveal the secret of body hair, please follow Xiao Nuo closely.

1, How long is the hair growth cycle?

The hair on our body is not always set in stone. Body hair’s life can be divided into three cycles: Growing period, Degeneration period Dormant period.

Growth Period: during the growth period, the hair grows but very slowly. The growth period is also the most active moment of hair follicles.

Degeneration: Hair growth stops and hair roots shrink, and the hair will fall off.

Dormant period: Mature hair detached from its hair follicles and fell off. The hair follicle is still dormant until the circadian clock reminds.

So we will have old hair fall off naturally every day, and new hair will gradually grow out at the same time.

2, Is the hair denser and harder after it is shaved?

This is a frequently asked question. When I was young, I often heard people of the older generation say that in oder to make children's head hair grows better, we can cut their hair more frequently. But the actual situation is as the picture below.

So why does it give everyone this illusion? The so-called hair is thicker and harder as it is shaved. In fact, after shaving, the cross-section of the hair grows out directly, so the overall feeling is thicker than the earlier hair. It is also hard because the shorter hair make it feel harder. But after a period of time, it will not be hard.

3, Will hair removal affect perspiration?

I can tell everyone responsibly, it certainly won’t.

First, human pores and sweat glands are not the same position, and sweat glands are not affected by hair removal. A very simple example, people will sweat on the palms and soles of the feet, but there must be no hair in these areas.

Second, manual shaving need not be mentioned. Even the laser hair removal commonly used nowadays will not affect the sweat glands. Because the principle of light hair removal is to use the color difference of skin and hair to selectively absorb light, destroy the hair follicles rich in melanin at high temperature; and there is no melanin in our sweat glands, so hair removal will definitely not affect perspiration.

Today our exploration of hair is ended here. If you have anything to add, you can leave a message to tell Xiao Nuo!

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