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Inventorying those professional hair removal equipment in beauty salon

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Since traditional hair removal methods cannot completely remove body hair, and there is also some damage to our skin. what hair removal equipment is used in beauty salons? Let me listing them for you.


1, Multifunctional OPT: This equipment is familiar to the operators in beauty salons, and the sales on the market have always been also good. The multifunctional large-scale hair removal equipment for beauty salons can remove hair under ice cooling funcion. In the peak season of hair removal, it can give customers better hair removal experience. Using advanced flat-top square wave technology to make the instrument emit a balanced and stable energy during hair removal. Complete functions make it has a high market share in hair removal industry.

2, 808 Semiconductor: Semiconductor laser technology is a medical-level professional hair removal technology, a hair removal device for sensitive skin. It can remove lip hair, armpit hair, and other sensitive parts’ hair. It uses a high-energy depilatory laser, more than 90% of the hair follicles can absorb enough heat and be destroyed, and the hair removal effect is better. It is a professional type in hair removal instrument.

3, E-light hair removal equipment: Among the large-scale hair removal equipment in beauty salons, the price is relatively cheap, and there are many items that can be completed, for example hair removal and freckles are available. But now there is no advantage to the hair removal project. There will be obvious pain during hair removal, which is unacceptable for many customers, and it requires the operator to have a certain skill, and the hair removal effect won’t be as good as the 808 hair removal device. It is difficult for both beauticians and customers to do hair removal, so many beauty salons have not used this equipment.

Now more and more person prefer to use the portable home hair removal device, if you need more details information, please contact me.

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