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Is permanent hair removal achievable by using hair removal device

Time : 2021-03-03 Hits : 2

On the topic of hair removal devices, there is always a variety of questions. Such as whether the hair removal technology is mature, whether the use of the hair removal device will affect our health, but one of the issues that everyone most concern about is: whether it is really possible to achieve permanent hair removal when using the hair removal device, after all, this is also the original intention that why we use the hair removal device.


Girls who love beauty have tried all kinds of hair removal methods to remove hair, using hair removal cream and hair shaver. Have you found that it has grown again after a short period of time. After shaving with a hair removal knife, it is found that the hair follicles are prone to inflammation to form many small red spots, and the hair is also thicker and thicker as the hair is shaved. Based on the negative result of previous hair removal method, the home IPL hair removal device is popular soon after it launched on the market.

Many people have a misunderstanding about the hair removal device-the hair removal device will not grow longer after using it once. It’s wrong!

We may need to make it clear what is hair growth cycle. The hair growth cycle is divided into three cycles: the growth phase, the degeneration phase, and the dormant phase. Every day we will have hairs that fall off naturally, and new hairs will gradually grow out. So the number of hairs fallen off and the number of hairs grown are roughly the same. but in fact, there is still some hair follicles are in the dormant phase.

Photon hair removal mainly affects the hair in the growth phase. It is almost ineffective for the hair in the degeneration and dormant phase. We have to wait for this part of the hair to circulate to the next growth phase then make treatment. The hair entering the growth phase is a continuous cycle process, rather than growing all together. Therefore, photon hair removal generally requires 5-10 times of use or even more times to achieve a better hair removal effect.

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