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Is there radiation in the home hair removal device? More harm to the body? No effect by hair removal? Wake up friends, it's 2020 you still believe the rumor?

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I have to admit that more and more people have begun to pay attention to their appearance in recent years, and beauty is no longer a synonym for young women. As people's demand for beauty gradually increases, it has brought unprecedented rapid development to the beauty industry. Among them, the beauty instrument and the hair removal instrument are the most remarkable. Take the hair removal device for example, the home portable hair removal instrument has become widely known by the public. As the saying goes, popularity tends to cause trouble.. As household hair removal devices are becoming more popular in major e-commerce retail platforms, there are more and more rumors about hair removal devices on the Internet. Today, as a senior engineer of a hair removal instrument, I want to make a comprehensive rumour refuting.

So what are the rumors about the home hair removal device?

Rumor 1: home use hair removal device have radiation


Before dispelling this rumor, I want everyone to understand a basic concept, what is radiation? The definition of radiation is simply the transfer of energy from the flow of matter in a flowing medium. To give a simple example, the light energy of sunlight propagating in vacuum and air can also be called a kind of radiation, and it is also same like the fluorescent lamp we use every day. These so-called radiations are essentially different from those produced by atomic bombs. The photons used in our home hair removal devices are essentially the same as those exposed to sunlight. So please don't worry the radiation of the home hair removal instrument.

Rumor 2: Home hair removal instrument is more harmful to the body

When I saw this rumor, I was indignation at the time and almost gave my computer screens broken. Let me calm down my excitement and come slowly. To say that the home hair removal device is more harmful to the body, I can't figure out why there is such a remark. Compared to large-scale professional hair removal equipment, our wavelength is moderate, the energy is not so high, and it is basically in the energy range where the pain is not strong, the hair removal effect can be achieved. The most damage after using the device is the skin might be redness, and it will subside within 1-2 days. It is precisely because of the high safety of the home hair removal device that it can be used as a home use.

What's more, it is said that after use of the hair removal device will affect the normal sweating of the human body. Here I want to emphasize that the human hair follicle and sweat gland are two different positions.

Rumor 3: Home hair removal device has no effect

First of all, we must explain to you the principle of the hair removal instrument. The principle of hair removal is to use the selective thermal effect of light on biological tissues. The melanin in the hair follicles and hair shafts selectively absorbs the energy in the spectrum and converts the energy of light into heat. After the temperature rises sharply, it destroys the hair follicle tissue to achieve the purpose of hair removal.


So the hair removal instrument is definitely effective, but why do many people say that hair removal is not effective?

This is related to the hair growth cycle and the frequency of instrument use. The hair growth cycle includes the growth period, the degeneration period and the rest period. During the growth period, the parent cell of the hair divides rapidly. This period has the most melanin and the highest sensitivity to light. Therefore, laser hair removal is mainly completed during this period, and it is also the most effective. In the degeneration period, the hair matrix degenerates, the hair root shrinks. The hair follicle separates from the hair root in the resting period, and the hair falls off. During the degradation period and the dormant period, it is insensitive to laser light and does not destroy the hair follicle.

So there is period for using the home hair removal deivce, and it will generally have obvious effects after 5-8 weeks.

I believe that after reading these contents, you must have a deeper understanding of our home hair removal device. The friend who want to try but have been hesitant can act now. For your beauty, it is imperative.

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