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Male Pubic Hair Removal Tips and Techniques

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It used to be that significant hair removal was strictly a female domain—though there were always exceptions to the rule. But outside of being a swimmer, exotic male dancer, bodybuilder or cyclist, the chances were that male body hair remained untouched and ungroomed.

Today’s modern man is very different, however. Research demonstrates that more and more men are choosing similar grooming rights—and techniques as women—including pubic hair removal. 50 to 70% of men do some form of manscaping: a term that refers to the removal of a man’s body hair for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes.


From sideburns and smooth chests to male pubic hair removal, “manscaping” is emerging as a popular trend among men of all ages. But even though men are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of waxing their back or trimming their chest hair, the topic of what to do with a bushy, out-of-control pubic area is still sensitive, embarrassing, and private.

As pubic hair removal for men become more common, many salons and clinics have begun catering specifically to men and their needs, offering both discretion and professionalism to make them feel more comfortable about considering longer-lasting hair removal methods such waxing, electrolysis, or laser treatments.

Hair trimming is the quickest solution for ploughing through long pubic hair, though it won’t get rid of all of it. However, trimming makes the area more visible and much easier to shave or wax, if that’s the plan.


Shaving male pubic hair requires time, patience, and a sharp razor —avoid dull and disposable razors. There’s no such thing as performing a full spruce-up downstairs in five minutes before going out on a date. One uncalculated move and you might end up sorry. Remember, it’s highly sensitive down there, so take it slow.

Shave slowly in the direction the hair grows and hold the skin tight while shaving with the other hand.

If you’re heading into manscaping through shaving, then owning two shaving kits definitely important. Have one for the face and one for pubic hair removal. Using the same razor for both areas is not particularly hygienic and will dull the blades faster.

Waxing can lead to skin infections if the area is not cared for properly post-treatment. It's important to follow any given advice on aftercare, which typically includes using antibacterial skin lotion for several days.

Tweezers are great for removing ingrown hairs that have become trapped beneath the skin following shaving or waxing. It can hurt like hell, though, depending on your pain threshold. Just be careful not to go overboard.


Chemical pubic hair removal for men can be tricky. On the one hand, many chemical-based pubic hair removal creams quickly and easily dissolve hair in one go. On the other hand, however, depending on the product, some may also contain harmful ingredients that can damage or even burn skin. Patch test any product on a small area first to see whether it’s suitable for your skin type.

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