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Permanent Laser IPL Hair Removal Ⅳ

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How Long Should I Stay Out Of The Sun Prior To And After IPL Treatments?

It is recommended for you to be out of the sun 3 weeks prior to treatment or for the appropriate timeframe for their skin to return to their natural colour. It is also recommended that you do not tan or use tanning products in the timeframe between a prescribed series of pulsed light treatments as overactive melanin could cause a pigmentation effect.


Can Pulsed Light Treatments Stimulate Hair Growth?

It has been determined that in a small amount of the population (<10%) there is a possibility that pulsed light treatments can stimulate dormant hair cells to produce an active follicle of hair. In these rare cases, you can simply remove the dormant follicle in a subsequent session as it grows into the anagen or active growth phase.

Can You Treat My Raised Moles That Contain A Hair?

It is not recommended to treat raised moles with hair growth, as the hair will likely be removed however the mole may lose pigment, hence be difficult to identify.


Can You Treat The Hair On My Back Where I Have A Tattoo?

There is a possibility that the hair removal hand-piece may also cause some removal of pigment and potentially fade the tattoo. Hence it is not recommended to remove hair on areas which are also tattooed, unless informed consent clearly identifying the potential to fade or completely remove portions of the tattoo is authorized by you, the client.


Can I Have IPL Treatments When I Am Menstruating?

In some cases, clients within their menstrual cycle are more sensitive to the sensation of intense pulsed light. It is recommended to test patch on significantly lower energy settings and/or reschedule the client subsequent to completion of their cycle prior to performing the pulsed light treatments.

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