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Permanent Laser IPL Hair Removal Ⅱ

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Can I Remove Hair Between Treatments?

This is an excellent question and the answer is the same as it is for electrolysis. You definitely cannot tweeze or wax. If you tweeze or wax between treatments, you physically remove the target hence reduce the Intense Pulsed Light’s ability to destroy it (you can’t destroy what isn’t there).

You can however shave between treatments as the objective is to interact with the matrix or bulb and shaft of the hair, which is untouched by shaving. Ideally large body areas should be shaved prior to coming to the clinic for an IPL treatment to cut down on the time of treatment, as surface hair must be removed prior to the treatment.


Why Is My Hair Still Growing?

This is a common comment for new users of intense pulsed light systems. Subsequent to administering a pulsed light treatment, the body requires time to shed the hair which had been thermally destroyed. It may take eight to ten days on some people and perhaps two to three weeks on others to fully shed the thermally damaged hair.

Even though it appears as though hair continues to grow, it is actually the body shedding the hair entirely, and over time the treated hair will grow out of the skin. This should not be mistaken for continued hair growth.

What Special Instructions Are There For Prior To And After Treatments?


Prior to treatment:

Remove all make-up and creams from the treatment site.

Ideally pre-shave the treatment area for hair removal.

Discontinue sun bed use and 'fake tanning' products at least four (4) weeks prior to treatment.

Avoid sun tanning four weeks prior to / and between treatments and allow your tan to fade so that skin pigment is 'normal' prior to the first treatment.

Do not wax or tweeze treatment site prior to hair removal treatment (shaving OK)


After Treatment(s):

Limit your sun exposure as much as possible subsequent to treatment.

Use a high SPF factor sunscreen when exposed to the sun between / and after treatments.

Cool any areas which remain warm after treatment with cooling aloe vera gels, cold compresses or frozen gel packs.

Discontinue sun bed use and 'fake tanning' products.

Do not wax or tweeze treatment site between hair removal treatments.

Avoid extremely hot baths, whirlpools, saunas, or heavily chlorinated swimming pools for 12 – 24 hours subsequent to treatments.

Avoid strong deodorants subsequent to hair reduction treatment of the underarms.

Avoid vigorous exercise for 12 – 24 hours subsequent to treatments.

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