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Precautions how much do you know for home use ipl hair removal instrument?(Next)

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In the previous article, we introduced the precautions for using the home IPL hair removal device. Next, let us follow the Shenzhen Noble Platinum to understand the following precautions.

Sixth, Home ipl hair removal machine after use, pay attention to strengthen sunscreen

After the ladies and sisters have used up the ipl hair removal at home, they must pay attention to strengthening the sunscreen. This is because it prevents laser hair removal from becoming dark due to pigmentation. Generally, you need to go out wearing long trousers, cover the hair removal area, and apply sunscreen or sun umbrellas to avoid the laser hair removal part exposed to the sun.

In addition, be careful not to swim outdoors in the summer, because the ultraviolet rays in the water are more intense, and it is more likely to cause blackening after depilation.


Seven, Home ipl hair removal machine to avoid acid-containing skincare products after use

Young ladies who use the Home ipl hair removal machine should also pay attention to the fact that acid-containing skincare products such as fruit acids used for whitening can not be used after hair removal, because the skin after the hair removal is particularly fragile and sensitive, and then smeared Acidic skincare products (body lotions, creams, etc.) are irritating to the skin of the hair removal area.

Eight, the home ipl hair removal machine instrument should be avoided when using it in the wound

When the younger sisters use the Home ipl hair removal machine , be sure to use the ipl hair removal in a place where there is a wound. Because the energy of the epilator is stimulated to the subcutaneous tissue at the wound, causing inflammation and the like. In addition, photosensitive skin, as well as girls during pregnancy, should be careful not to use a home-use ipl hair removal, because photosensitive skin using a home-use ipl hair removal can cause allergic reactions such as erythema and itching. Girls friends during pregnancy, using the ipl hair removal will cause irritation.


Nine, when using the home ipl hair removal machine instrument, pay attention to the same area and do not continuously irradiate

When using the Home ipl hair removal machine, the younger sisters must be careful not to be able to illuminate continuously in the same position. Because repeated exposure can cause damage to the skin, it is better to select the entire sweep once and then the second sweep.

Ten, Home ipl hair removal machine after use, pay attention to gentle moisturizing

After every time the Home ipl hair removal machine is used, the younger sisters should pay attention to using some simple body moisturizing ingredients with gentle pH value. The body lotion can be used to moisturize and soothe the skin after depilation, so as not to change the skin. Too dry, fragile and sensitive.


Today, Noble Intelligence is here for Miss Amway! I hope that every young lady can enjoy more comfort, convenience, safety and peace of mind in the process of experiencing the Home ipl hair removal machine

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