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Remove your hair as early as you can, you could not know how smooth your skin is before you remove your hair.

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In order to welcome the summer, we refuses the temptation of the food. Crazy weight loss to create a good body, just in order to wear the elegant skirt in the summer, but ....... but still the unwanted hair affects the overall image, and the good body can't be kept. Look at others in the street, the smooth skin, look at yourself with lots of hair, it is very embarrassing.


We have to know that the growth cycle of hair is divided into three phases: growth phase, stop phase, and referral phase.

For the growth period, the complete hair removal process takes 4-6 times, while the laser hair removal is only taking effect in hair in the growth period, so we suggest to remove the hair as early as possible, because you can also be the brightest person on the street after you get out of the hair.

You never know how white your skin is before you remova your hair. Furthermore, your hair would absorb all the skin care lotions, so it would be wasted for you to use skin care lotions.

How should we do after hair removal?

The melanin in the hair follicle absorb the light so destroy the follicle, to achieve removing the hair. After hair removal, do not touch the sun in the short term, because there are too many ultraviolet rays in the sun, Will let our skin leave melanin precipitation, which is not good for the repairment of the skin. So, its better to stay indoors after remove the hair.

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