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Sapphire Ice Cooling Hair Removal Device, let you get rid of "hairy star people"

Time : 2021-10-14 Hits : 13

“Hair Remove” want to be “forever” ? Is there any way to achieve permanent hair removal? The answer is: no!

In the current market, the medical beauty laser hair removal and home IPL hair removal devices all say that they have the function of permanent hair remove. In fact, this statement is not that most people think for the hair will not grow forever after hair removal. The permanence here is not permanence in the true sense. The correct understanding of permanent hair removal should be: after hair removal, the hair will no longer grow in a hair growth cycle, and long-term use can achieve a permanent hair removal effect.


In the market there are several hair removal methods: traditional hair removal methods, medical beauty laser hair removal devices, and home IPL hair removal devices. All of them have their advantages. But the most popular ones are the home hair removal devices. The reason is that although the traditional hair removal method is simple and cheap, however the hair grows at an astonishing speed; the medical laser hair removal effect is good, and the cost is really expensive; the home hair removal device has the same hair removal principle as the medical beauty laser hair removal, and the cost is actually cheaper. The benefits and effects coexist at the same time, who doesn't choose it?


In the series of home hair removal devices, the sapphire ice cooling IPL hair removal device is more popular than other photon hair removal devices. As we all know, if the hair removal device is effective, the energy of the hair removal device is very important. The higher the energy density, the better the hair removal. The effect is better, our skin’s perceived pain is higher, and the sapphire ice cooling IPL hair removal instrument just solves this issue. Through the sapphire material treatment, the whole piece of contact with the skin surface and the light-emitting area are all at the ice cooling, let the pulsed light pass through the artificial sapphire, start from the light wave itself, start from the source of the lighting, comprehensive ice protection to reject the heat sensation, so as to achieve the effect of alleviating pain. Then solve the problem of pain from the root cause.

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