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Save yourself form “kiwi girls”

Time : 2021-08-05 Hits : 20

Today we are talking about who is called “kiwi girl” and how them get rid of it.

Kiwi girl means whose body hair a lot and looks like a kiwi fruit. It’s normal to see from a distance but hairy hands and feet when looking closer.

Everyone want to wear cool and freshing clothes in such a hot summer and take all short sleeves, short trousers and short skirts out of the wardrobe.

For “kiwi girls”, they coverd their body hair in all winter but have to show it in the summer. They have tried all the ways they though of removing the body hair but the effect is less than satisfactory. Effective ways may cost a lot of money. It’s a burden for “kiwi girls” who is still a student to spend a lot of money on hair removal. How can we effectively remove hair without spending a lot of money? Let me introduce an effectively hair removal product to you, that is M5 Home Use Ice Cooling IPL Hair Removal Device produced by Noble company.


Now let me tell you something about the features and advantages of this product in order to convince you of the product I have introduced to you.

1.Dual cooling plates, dual cooling copper tubes and dual ball bearing fans

2.Multi-function head: one-key conversion of hair removal/skin rejuvenation function

3.Two attached heads(1cm²+2cm²),  Magnetically replacement

4.Free adjustment angle, the light outlet is in the middle

5.Skin detection function, double security guarantee

6.Intelligent automatic select energy

7.Imported quartz tube, effective light output up to 500,000 flashes

8.Energy up to 26J

IPL works thanks to a pigment in hair called melanin: much like a dark sheet on a hot day, the melanin helps the hair absorb the light from the flashes, stimulating it to go into its resting phase.

It is not difficult to “kiwi girls” to have a simple and effective hair removal. Your body hair will say goodbye to you as long as you have a M5 Home Use Ice Cooling IPL Hair Removal Device.

If “kiwi girls” insisting on using Ice Cooling IPL Hair Removal Device to remove hair, your skin will become smoother and cleaner. I hope every “kiwi girls” can remove your body hair effectively and become more confident and beautiful in such a hot summer.

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