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Steps to using the home IPL hair removal

Time : 2019-09-09 Hits : 207

After getting the long-awaited home photon IPL hair removal instrument, Noble Innovation Technology will take everyone to the science and technology to use the method and steps of the home photon IPL hair removal device.

Second, the tool:

Home use ipl hair removal instrument

Second, the preparation work before using the home use IPL hair removal device

Method / Step 1:

First, observe your skin color. If the skin color is too dark, it may not be suitable to use ipl hair removal. However, the skin color of the Asians can be used.

Method / Step 2:

If there is no problem with the skin color, you need to shave your hair. Be careful not to use the plucking device or the hair removal cream. If you use it, you need to wait two weeks before using the ipl hair removal device.

Method / Step 3:

After shaving your hair, wipe your skin clean. Do not apply any cream or gel before using the home ipl epilator.

Method / Step 4:

According to the experience of the Noble customer, the best thing to do is to shave the hair with a wet and dry shaver in the bath, then dry the body and then start using the home ipl Hair removal device.

Third, when using a home use ipl hair removal device

Method / Step 1:

According to the instructions, charge, select the light intensity, and then start ipl hair removal at home. To prevent the strong light from the ipl hair removal instrument home use from sticking to our eyes, we can wear sunglasses to operate the hair removal process.

Method / Step 2:

Generally speaking, the first four times are once every two weeks, the fifth to seventh times are once a month, the eighth to the fifteenth times every three months, and then there is where the long photos are. According to the personal physique can be adjusted accordingly.

Method / Step 3:

The entire cycle is 18-24 months, which is quite long.

Fourth, after using the home IPL hair removal device

Method / Step 1:

After photon hair removal, to prevent dry skin, you can apply some body lotion or moisturizing lotion; pay attention to sun protection, do not let the skin exposure to the sun for a long time.

Therefore, the home ipl hair removal is not so complicated, did the younger sisters remember?

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