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Summer gospel, you need to know freezing point hair removal device

Time : 2021-07-21 Hits : 6

Summer is here, there won’t be any girls who are like " kiwifruit", right? In order to put on your favorite clothes and show your long legs and arms confidently, you must first remove your body hair to make yourself more beautiful! So what are the methods for hair removal? In fact, there are many methods of hair removal, which can be divided into temporary hair removal and permanent hair removal according to the effect. For example: shaving, plucking, photon hair removal, etc. When using it, you need to choose the best hair removal method according to your own situation and specific parts. Let us learn about different hair removal methods today!


Shaving is the most suitable method for lazy people, because it is the easiest and simplest method of hair removal, but it lasts for a short time. Not only can it not slow down the growth range and growth rate of the hair, but the regenerated hair will appear thicker and uglier than the original hair because it has just grown. Therefore, shaving frequently is obviously not very reliable.

Plucking hair is also a common method in our lives. It is a more effective temporary method, and it lasts longer than shaving, up to about 10 days. The pain of plucking is obvious. The plucking method with pliers is suitable for plucking a small amount of hair, and beeswax is suitable for removing parts other than bikinis, and is mostly used on limbs. It should be noted that the hair plucking method is easy to cause irritation or mechanical damage to the hair follicles, and adverse reactions are also common, such as causing hair incarceration, hair follicle deformation, deformity, and sometimes skin pigmentation, folliculitis and other skin infections.

Home freezing point hair removal device-the most effective long-lasting hair removal method

This is currently a very advanced and long-lasting method. The freezing point hair removal device is based on the principle of selective photothermal action. The light penetrates the skin surface to keep the hair follicles at a certain temperature, and gently deactivates the hair follicles and surrounding stem cells to achieve long-term hair removal. During the experience of ordinary photon hair removal, there will be uncomfortable experiences such as skin heating, and the freezing point hair removal device can completely avoid these problems, allowing us to remove the hair while applying ice cooling function. It is the gospel for sensitive skin people.

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