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Teach you how to choose a hair removal device correctly

Time : 2020-09-03 Hits : 5

Nowadays, regardless of the brands or styles of home hair removal devices are various, how can you choose the most suitable hair removal device for yourself? Today I will make a comprehensive recommendation for everyone.

First of all, if you have a good financial foundation and don't care about the price, then I recommend you several well-known brands of home hair removal devices.


Philips and Silk’n are both internationally well-known brands. The former is because of its brand influence, and the latter is the representative of Israeli high beauty brands, and the brand is more professional. Followed by the major domestic brands such as Ulike, Jovs, Smoothskin, etc. These brands are more suitable for users who have certain requirements on the appearance of the product. The price basically ranges from 1000-3000.

If you think the brand is expensive for you, then I will introduce some parameters here as reference.

Wavelength: 550-1200nm, 600nm is already good.

Energy: higher than 4J/cm², please pay attention to the unit here, it is good to reach 6J/cm²

If you still feel that it is too troublesome to check the parameters, then I can only teach you the last trick:

Please contact me. We are a professional manufacturer of home hair removal devices. I have every shape you like, and I have every functions you need.

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