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The advantages of Ice Cooling Hair Removal

Time : 2021-08-05 Hits : 26

Ice cooling hair removal is a new method to remove hair, the hair of all parts of the body has a good hair removal effect if you use it to remove your hair. Ice cooling hair removal is based on the theory of selective photothermolysis, using the pulse mode and repetition frequency of the device, it penetrates the subcutaneous adipose tissue and directly acts in the hair follicle, then it can gradually increase the temperature in the hair follicle and mildly inactivate the hair follicle so as to inhibit hair growth.


For girls who loves beauty, ice cooling hair removal can help them to save lots of time from removing hair in the beauty salon. Ice cooling hair removal is effective and it can almost remove your body hair over your skin.

Ice cooling hair removal is a safety method to remove hair. It will hardly hurt your skin if you read the instructions carefully and follow the steps in the instructions before using it. All the parts of your body can be removed expect the hair around the eyes. You can try ice cooling hair removal if you want to remove your body hair., it does matter if you are afraid of pain because it almost painless. It is suggested to eat more foods rich in vitamin C after having a ice cooling removal, which can improve skin resistance and reduce the formation of pigment.

There may be some adverse reactions after using the ice cooling hair removal, that will dissappeare after a few hours. If the skin turns redness and swelling, you can calm it down with ice, and the skin will return to normal soon. If it does not eliminate within 72 hours, please consult a doctor and stop using this device. After ice cooling hair removal, you need to reduce the exposure to sunlight, so as to avoid ultraviolet radiation on your skin and blacken.

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