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The best hair removal season

Time : 2019-11-13 Hits : 148

Hair removal is more and more fashionable, it's not only women but also a large number of men are interested in it in nowadays.

The development of science and technology is getting faster and faster, people are getting higher requirements on hair removal. So hair removal cream or wax removal is no longer meet the customer’s needs. People love efficient and convenient permanent hair removal style. And the home use IPL hair removal machine is the one what they are looking for.

But what is the best time for hair removal? The answer is Autumn. Why?


1、More effective in Autumn

In Summer, arms and legs of all the people are exposed outside, so many of them shave the unwanted body hair, but plucking or shaving can’t last for a long time, so the melanin deposited in the body is much heavier after several times,but the unwanted hairs are more vigorously when do more plucking or shaving. So Autumn is the best hair removal season.


2、Good for skin recovery in Autumn

In Summer, higher outdoor temperatures and high-intensity ultraviolet rays can stimulate the sweat glands system, and have bad effects on skin recovery. While the weather is very good in Autumn, cool and comfortable, and people don’t need to worry about these questions, so Autumn is the best hair removal season.


3、Show the beauty skin in next early Summer

Our body has metabolism, and different hair follicles have different growth cycles, it usually needs several times treatments. If the body hair starts to be removed in the autumn, you can show the beauty skin in next early Summer.

Noble is one of Chinese leading IPL hair removal manufacturer. With strong R & D team, using the advanced photon pulse mode, providing painless permanent home use IPL hair removal device.

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