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The difference between photon hair removal device, freezing point hair removal device and sapphire freezing point hair removal device

Time : 2021-06-09 Hits : 24

The hot weather makes us wear skirts and short sleeves, but some girls with thick hair could not wear that freely. Girls want to be the brightest spot on the street, but they dont want to be everyone`s gossip because of too many hairs.

As the market demand continues to increase, there are various types of hair removal devices on the market. Due to the lack of understanding of product principles and parameters, everyone has difficulty in choosing hair removal devices and confused when facing various hair removal devices.


Today we will take a look at the difference between photon hair removal device, freezing point hair removal device and sapphire freezing point hair removal device.

Let me first talk about the familiar photon hair removal device: photon hair removal uses the selective light (broad spectrum technology) pyrolysis principle of a strong pulsed light source to achieve the effect of hair removal. Photon hair removal is a soft, non-interventional treatment provided by the laser inside. It uses the absorption of specific wavelengths of light by the melanocytes in the hair follicle, to generate heat to the hair follicle, thereby selectively destroying the hair follicle while avoiding damage to surrounding tissues therefore remove the hair. During the process of hair removal, we may feel pain when the light shot, but different people has different tolerance to pain, we could not tell how painful it is.

The freezing point actually means that during the process of hair removal, the probe of the instrument (except the area of the light outlet) will cool down and form frost. When it touch our skin, it can quickly cool the skin epidermis and make our skin feel anesthetized. In this way, when we experience the hair removal device, we can effectively remove the hair without feeling too much pain.

Freezing point hair removal device: the biggest difference in mechanism between ice point hair removal and traditional laser hair removal is that traditional laser hair removal requires instantaneous high-energy burning of hair follicles, while ice point hair removal gently deactivates the hair follicles, so it can achieve long-term hair removal without excessive stimulation. Avoid skin pain or risk. The principle of the freezing point is not difficult to understand.

Sapphire Freezing Point Hair Removal device: through the sapphire material treatment, the entire light outlet which in contact with the skin is in the freezing state. Directly from the source of light wave itself, the pulsed light passes through the artificial sapphire, achieve comprehensive ice protection, so as to relieve pain.

After learning about the three types of hair removal devices, which one you are more willing to buy when choosing? Noble thinks that no matter which type of hair removal device you choose, as long as it can help you effectively remove hair, it is good!


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