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The evolutionary history of human hair removal

Time : 2021-07-08 Hits : 19

We must know that our earliest ancestors were the ancient apes. About 5 million years ago, the ancient apes had light-colored skin and dark hair all over their bodies. Before 3.2 million years ago, the body's hair was still very thick, about 1.5 million years ago, most of the body hair of the ancient apes has disappeared. With the passage of time and evolution, it became our current human being, but until now, our humans are still covered with hair all over the body, but some people have sparse hair that does not affect life, and some People will also be annoyed by excessive hair.


Since human records, hair removal can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamian plains in 3000 BC. Most of the women on murals, paintings, and porcelain discovered by archeology have no body hair or have their hair significantly trimmed, so it can be inferred that humans have had the habit of hair removal since then.

In the Middle Ages, the nobles were really "naked" and even shaved their eyebrows. With the increasing demand for hair removal, people began to explore the use of homemade herbal ointments to remove hair.

Of course, also includes we Chinese. Since the Sui dynasty, China has” Roll surface” method to remove the hair in face, using lime as lubrication, taking a moist white thread, and using both hands to twist the teeth up and down and left and right to remove the hair. Until now, some places still continue to use this ancient method.

The hair removal knives that we are now familiar with first began in 1904, when men's safe hair removal knives came out, and women's hair removal knives then entered the market in 1915. At that time, wearing sleeveless clothes and exposing arms in public had just been accepted by the general public, so hair removal knives became just needed.


In the 1960s, the mainstream of society for women's aesthetics was still that the limbs should be smooth and smooth without seeing the hair, so beeswax was invented to apply the hair removal of the limbs.

In the 1980s and 1990s, people were keen on sculpting muscles and building a fit body. Boys also began to use hair removal, not to mention girls. The commonly used methods include hair removal knives, hair removal creams, tweezers and so on. With the increase in demand, the home IPL photon hair removal device has also been added.

Nowadays, home hair removal devices have been more and more accepted and recognized by the Chinese people, and gradually become popular demand. The reason is that it is convenient to use, private, and cost-effective, and it is more in line with contemporary consumption concepts.

It can be seen that people have been pursuing beauty from ancient times to the present. With the progress of society, the methods of hair removal have become more comprehensive. So what reason do we have not to create a more perfect body?

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