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The hair grows again after hair removal process. You may not in a right way

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In this era that all people care about their appearance, hair removal has already become a beauty item commonly pursued and tried by young people. Are you still using the shaver to do the hair removal? Please forget that, you would accidentally get hurt. Or you are using the Beewax? Xiao Nuo would like to talk about the hair removal wax. The main components of wax are beewax, petroleum jelly and other substances. The main priciple is using some ingredients to uproot the hair. So beewax hair removal is just like to pulling out the hair mechanical, which will cause a strong pain feeling, that is really unacceptable for most people. The process of beewax hair removal may also cause some local hair follicles infected and inflammation. In addition some chemical components in beeswax may cause allergic reactions on the skin.


When you used the above hair removal methods, have you found that the hairs have grown again within a few days. So why can’t we choose a safe and painless method to remove hair. IPL hair removal device is a pretty good choice, it uses strong pulsed light, photons can penetrate the epidermis and are absorbed by the hair follicles in the dermis to generate heat and destroy the hair follicles. The effect of hair removal is safer and more durable than traditional hair removal methods.

Based on the IPL method, Xiao Nuo summarizes the following recommend for you:

1. The process of hair removal not one-time work. Hair growth is periodic. You have to choose the right time for hair removal. The hair growth cycle is divided into: growth period, regression period, and stationary period. When we use a home photon hair removal device, it should be carried out in time intervals, and must be adhered to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

2. Staying up often, eating spicy foods and bad lifestyle habits lead to hairy. No matter what method of hair removal you use, if you can't get rid of the bad habit of staying up late, you will notice that your head hair will become less and more body hair. That’s because the body is in a state of stress when staying up late, which will cause excessive secretion of male hormones, which will be converted into dihydrotestosterone and dihydrogen under the action of androgen-converting enzymes in the hair follicles. Testosterone has the dual effects of excitement and inhibition on the growth of hair. It stimulates the growth of hair follicles in the beard area; therefore, for the sake of our body, we need to develop a good life habit!

There are some other small details. For example, the use of hair removal products should not be used too frequently, usually once 1-2 weeks; after use, pay attention to sun protection. Doing as above will get twice result for hair removal.

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