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The History of ipl photon Skin Rejuvenation Technology

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At the beginning, intense pulse light technology was used in dermatology clinical treatment of skin telangiectasia and hemangioma.Later, strong pulsed light technology was found to be effective in treating pigment spots on the skin surface and improving skin quality.

Then the ipl photon skin rejuvenation came into being, and is quickly promoted to Europe and Asian countries including China, and becoming the new fashion of global medical beauty.


The ipl photon skin rejuvenation is also named intense pulse light technology.

It acts on the skin with strong pulsed light of a specific range of wavelengths, is absorbed by the melanin in the tissue and the dilated blood vessels (red blood cells), decomposes it, and is excreted by metabolism, thereby achieving the treatment of red blood, pigment and spot effect.

After intense pulsed light illuminates the deep tissue of the skin, the skin tissue initiates a repair mechanism to rearrange the deep collagen and elastic fibers, restore elasticity, relieve facial wrinkles, reduce pores, achieving skin rejuvenation.


The characters of intense pulse light technology

Firstly, it breaks through the limitations of traditional treatment, it can be unified. Means the treatment can be targeted at local lesions, and it can also target the general department and has a unique effect on pigmentation.

Secondly, it is safe and convenient. There will be no side effects of traditional skin beauty techniques such as edema and erythema after treatment. The treatment process is simple, and each treatment is treated 5 times, about 20 minutes each time. You can do it at home, or during the lunch break when working.


What’s more

Unlike other traditional skin care methods, ipl photon skin rejuvenation is a high-tech medical beauty technology.

The most common applications for ipl photon skin rejuvenation are: treatment and resistance to pigmentation and skin aging caused by age and UV exposure.

Ipl photon skin rejuvenation is also known as 30 years old skin beauty technology overseas, mainly for a variety of skin flaws: telangiectasia, skin erythema, pigment changes, fine wrinkles, large pores, brown spots, Light damage, etc., can effectively improve the texture and elasticity of the skin, making the skin smooth, delicate and elastic.

Noble focus on ipl photon skin rejuvenation technology more than 10 years,Our attractive home use IPL hair removal device could bring you amazing experiences, and beautify your body, let you enjoy easy life.

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