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The right way to buy hair removal device

Time : 2021-03-26 Hits : 11

Before starting the theme, let’s talk about the types of hair removal devices first.

The most popular devices on the market are the following two types of hair removal devices:

1. Laser hair removal instrument

2. Home IPL hair removal device

The hair removal device is divided into home IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) type and laser Type. Their principle of both hair removal is same. "Selective photopyrolysis effect" is simply "using hair follicle melanin to absorb light energy and then heating the hair follicle, thereby destroying the hair follicle to achieve the purpose of hair removal." At present, the most hair removal devices on the market are IPL. The Laser Hair Removal Devices are generally used in beauty salons and hospitals.


Hair Removal Device Buying Guide Details:


The wavelength of the home hair removal device should be more than 510nm, otherwise the hair removal effect is definitely not very good if it is below this value.

Flash Time:

The number of flashes of a hair removal device refers to its service life. High-quality hair removal devices generally have more than 200,000 flashes. The more flashes, the service life is longer. One hundred thousand flashes have been used for more than ten years for an ordinary person. If the hair removal device can be more than 300,000 times, it is estimated that it can be used from young to old.

Lighting Area:

It is easier to remove the whole body hair if the light area is larger. The light area of the laser hair removal device is normally small, but the light area of the IPL hair removal device is a bit larger.

Energy Density:

As an important indicator to measure the effectiveness of the hair removal device, energy density is also a very important selection criterion for the hair removal device. The higher the energy density, the better the hair removal effect.


These above are the basic points to jude the quality of hair removal device. Comparing these parameters to ensure that you will not feel helpless when choosing a wide range of hair removal devices.

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