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the woman in the preparation fo pregancy can use the laser hair removal device?

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In principle of the laser hair removal instrument, a single wavelength of light acts on the hair follicles through the skin surface. In addition to the hair removal effect, it does not have any effect on other parts of the body. So girls who are preparing for pregnancy can use laser hair removal at all, whether it is a large hair removal instrument in a hospital or beauty salon, or a home hair removal instrument. But traditional depilatory creams are absolutely unusable because they contain chemicals.


If you are already a pregnant mother, then I suggest you do not any laser hair removal treatment. There is no any effect on the fetus, but the hormone levels of women fluctuate greatly during pregnancy, so even if you do the hair removal treatment, the hair will still grow quickly. If hair removal is necessary when preganent, it is recommended to use a razor to handle it briefly.

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