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There a limit to the number of use for hair removal devices?

Time : 2020-12-30 Hits : 3

Like many house appliances, various problems will occur during the use of the large-scale hair removal instrument. At this time, professional maintenance personnel are required to perform maintenance and care on the instrument before continuing to use it. I believe that the most people is more concerned about the number of use for home hair removal devices. Is it true that the devices on the market that can be lighted nearly a million times?


For the home hair removal device, the core component that affects the number of uses is the lamp. High-quality lamps, such as quartz lamps, can indeed achieve a high number of lightings. Then for the hair removal device, it is not enough to emit light, but also provide enough energy to achieve the effect of hair removal. Studies have shown that energy above 4J/cm² can achieve a hair removal effect, but after a good quartz lamp lighted 300,000 to 400,000 times, the energy is insufficient to meet this requirement. I believe that 300,000 to 400,000 times is enough for individual users, don’t forget the premise is high-quality lamps.

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