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Want to increase charm? Try laser hair removal!

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The hot summer has passed. The girls in the north have put on down jackets early, while the girls in the south are still tangled in sweaters, short sleeves and coats. No matter where they are, they must have been surprised by the crackling sound of static electricity when they take off their clothes before going to bed in winter. The hairy girls not only have their hair up, Even the hair on the body is standing one by one. In the future, let's not blame the weather for being too dry. Maybe it will be better if we depilate the hair on the body!


When there is a lot of hair on our body, especially armpit hair, every time I sweat, it will give off a strange smell, especially in public. Don't mention how embarrassing it is. At this time, I believe everyone's idea is that if I can think that I don't have this hateful hair like people, I'd better take it off now. Winter is the most suitable for hair removal all the year round, after depilation in winter, you can wear beautiful clothes directly in summer, and you are no longer afraid of other people's strange eyes.


Principle of laser hair removal:


The principle of laser hair removal is called selective photothermal theory. Hair follicles and hair are rich in melanin. The deeper the substance (melanin), the more heat generated by absorbing light energy, and the temperature rises sharply, resulting in the destruction of the surrounding hair follicle tissue, and the hair will be removed.


It's like sunbathing in winter. People dressed in black are hotter than people dressed in white at the same time. Does this give you an idea? If the hair is white, will the laser work? Obviously not. White hair does not contain melanin! Therefore, in the same way, laser cannot work on white hair. Therefore, light colored hair contains a small amount of melanin, and the effect of laser will be reduced.