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What are the effects after using hair removal device.

Time : 2020-08-26 Hits : 3

Some people may have heard of various side effects after using a hair removal device. For example, the hair removal device has radiation, which will cause skin lesions, and some even say that it will affect the sequelae of normal perspiration. If it is true, the hair removal project of a beauty salon may be ordered to stop, Philips' home hair removal device will definitely be sued to stop production. However, neither of these two things happened, so please don't worry too much about these imaginary things.

So what are the real effects after the hair removal treatment?


After receiving the treatment of a large laser hair removal device, the skin becomes fragile and sensitive. In severe cases, it can cause skin burns and pigmentation. But these are normal. Relatively, the discomfort symptoms after using the home hair removal device will be lighter. It is recommended to pay attention to sunscreen after hair removal treatment, and pay attention to skin hydration to accelerate the speed of skin self-repair.