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What are the functional classification and principle functions of the home beauty device?

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The functional classification and principle of the beauty device.

RF radio frequency beauty device


By heating, the subcutaneous collagen shrinks and tightens, and the skin surface is cooled to thicken the skin dermis and reshape the subcutaneous collagen.


Wrinkle + Firming + Slimming, producing new collagen, the skin will become firmer after treatment.

Steam beauty device


The nano-fog with a steam size of about 20,000 to 1 billion is used to promote the absorption of beauty ingredients.


Maintain skin water and oil balance and help follow up skin care products

Effectively resists dry skin and quickly restores skin's elasticity.

LED red, green and blue beauty device


Different skin wavelengths with different wavelengths of red, green and blue light sources


Firming wrinkle + whitening freckle + bactericidal acne + comprehensively enhance skin texture.

Red light firming wrinkles, yellow light whitening freckles, blue light is bactericidal acne.

Three color lights play a role in improving skin texture.

Micro current (EMS) beauty instrument


Through the photovoltaic panel and the ceramic roller, it is converted into a microcurrent similar to the bioelectric current, and the krypton and platinum conduct the microcurrent sufficiently to the skin cells.


Lifting + firming, it achieves both face-lifting and cosmetic effects when used.

Promotes skin metabolism, activates cells, restores skin elasticity and firmness.

Ultrasonic beauty device


Ultrasonic vibration of skin cells, activation of cells, promotion of blood circulation and lymphatic flow to eliminate waste


Eliminate red blood and dilute acne marks.

Promotes blood circulation and tightens face.

Accelerate metabolism, skin whitening and anti-wrinkle.

Electro-ion beauty device

Two common features of the basic beauty instrument.


Clean/export using the principle of positive/negative ion adsorption.


Negative ions are introduced into the beauty liquid to enable the skin to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

The positive ions are cleaned and exported to remove tiny dirt from the skin.

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