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What can I expect after using the IPL?

Time : 2021-05-20 Hits : 665

First using

Normally after the first using, for the first week you may still see some hairs growing, and these are the hairs that not in the growing phase during the treatment. Continuing using the IPL according the treatment schedule.


2~3 treatments

In this phase, you should see an obviously reduction in hair growth. For the new hair which still growing, you can also find that they are thinner than before. Continuing using the IPL according the treatment schedule.

5~9 treatments

After using more than 5 treatments, you would see a significant change to your hair growth. Most of the hair is prevented from growing, now your skin is smoothly. Continuing using the IPL every 4~8 weeks to keep a permanent result.

Be sure you are using the good quality IPL which has the real effect for the above.

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