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What is home use ipl hair removal?

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With the popularity of various types of beauty hair removal instruments, traditional laser hair removal is gradually replaced by photon (pulse glare) hair removal technology. Today, Noble Innovation Technology brings everyone to understand and learn what is photon hair removal~~~

Photon hair removal is a selective light (wide spectrum technique) pyrolysis principle using a strong pulsed light source to achieve hair removal. The laser inside provides a gentle, non-invasive treatment that uses the melanocytes in the hair follicle to absorb light in a specific band, causing the hair follicle to generate heat, thereby selectively destroying the hair follicle while avoiding damage to surrounding tissues and removing hair. Effect.

Technical principle

The principle of photon hair removal is to use selective photothermal pyrolysis of a patented strong pulse light source to illuminate the normal epidermis without damage. It penetrates the skin and reaches the root of the hair follicle. The melanin in the hair shaft and hair follicle is absorbed and converted into heat energy. High hair follicle temperature, when the temperature rises high enough, the hair follicle structure undergoes irreversible damage, the damaged hair and hair follicles are removed through a natural physiological process, and other surrounding tissues are not damaged, thereby achieving painless hair removal.

Technical characteristics

Photon hair removal technology is a non-exfoliating, non-invasive photon beauty technology with the following characteristics and advantages:

1. Photon hair removal is a kind of hair removal method in which all the hair removal methods have a small pain. The results of a number of clinical trials have shown that most patients feel just "bounced by rubber bands."

2, the advantage of photon hair removal is that hair removal is very thorough, using laser energy to penetrate deep into the dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue, acting on deep hair follicles in different parts to effectively remove deep hair from any part of the human body.

3, the advantage of photon hair removal is not to hurt the epidermis.

4, the advantage of photon hair removal is that the pigmentation after depilation is very close to our skin.

5, the advantage of photon hair removal is fast.

6, photon hair removal light pulse time is too long to adjust, protect the skin while removing different thickness hair

7, square large spot, quickly remove hair, laser hair removal can speed up the treatment.

technical background

Photon hair removal uses modern high-tech means combined with modern medical beauty. Abnormal hair growth or hirsutism is sometimes seasonal, and may also be associated with the use of certain drugs (such as androgen) and hairy syndrome, which greatly affects the appearance. The hair removal sites are mainly concentrated on the underarms, the upper and lower limbs, and the upper lip of the female, the male ankle, the neck and the chest. The key to inhibiting hair growth is to accurately destroy two important components of the hair follicle, namely the hair bulge and the dermal papilla. Today, with the rapid development of medical technology, a new hair removal technology – photon hair removal – was born.

Principle of use

Principles of photon hair removal: The pulse energy and pulse width are set to (35-50 J/cm2) (25-30 ms). The handle contacts should be gentle and non-overlapping and will illuminate each treatment area.

With the rapid development of laser science in medical beauty, laser beauty has become a new fashion, some skin lesions that used to be difficult to cure or have poor therapeutic effects. Nowadays, good results can be obtained, especially in the removal of hemangioma. Skin dermatology, varicose veins, pigment spots, hair removal, wrinkles and other skin beauty collars! The domain has achieved satisfactory results. Photon hair removal makes beauty beautiful and no longer a dream.

Noble Innovation Technology will strive to innovate and create more perfect photon hair removal products to make this beautiful dream for you!

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