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What is RF?

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RF is Radio Frequency. It's a high-frequency electro-magnetic wave which could input electromagnetic energy into dermal layers of the skin, stimulate the dermis, heat the collagen to 45~60 ℃, activate the collagen shrinking and re-generating, increase the thickness and density, so it could tighten and lift the loose skin, remove wrinkle and scar, make skin elastic and glossy. It’s also called Thermage.


Product Efficacy

RF Skin repairing

Radiofrequency (RF) beauty is a new and non-surgical beauty method. It uses capacitive coupling electrode to transmit radio energy and produce an electromagnetic field through the skin surface into the subcutaneous tissue to make the skin white and tender, Radio Frequency thermal effect can increase blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, improve local tissue nutrition, enhance enzyme activity.

Deep Penetration

RF has a strong function in deep penetration; with the skincare product including the "active gene repair function", the effect of deep penetration nursing effect will be better. Under the combined effect of both, to stimulate the skin deep collagen regeneration and rebuild the soft tissue, renew the skin, to get a skin beauty and anti-aging effect.


Vibration massage

Using mechanical vibration of the human body to carry out physical stimulation of the body, to get a lot of effect such as clear the meridians, reconcile Qi and blood, calm and stop the pain, promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, relax and brighten the skin, etc.

Infrared light caring

The wavelength of infrared is 880 nm, it's invisible for eyes. Infrared is a very strong permeability of life electromagnetic waves, can penetrate the body subcutaneous tissue 15mm, will produce resonance and accelerate metabolism to human cells. When the infrared absorption by the body tissue, will have a heat which makes the body comfortable and beneficial, also it can penetrate into human tissue, and repair human cells, infrared has the function of activating the activity of biological macromolecules, improve blood circulation,

enhance the metabolism, anti-inflammatory, detumescence, and other health care effect.

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