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What is the difference between the "light" of the home use ipl hair removal device?

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1. Laser: In the strict sense of the laser, the laser that the beauty shop usually says is it. Generally used in professional medical beauty hospitals, household hair removal instruments are not commonly used, because its oversized feature is that laser hair removal is very painful and its safety performance is relatively low.


2. IPL: Strong pulsed light and photons. After illuminating the skin, it can close abnormal pigments, destroy hair follicles, stimulate collagen regeneration and other skin-beautifying effects. It is used as a treatment for whitening, ecchymosis and firming. It is now used by home use hair removal equipment to remove body hair and also rejuvenate.

(The G1, M2, M3 of Noble home ipl hair removal instrument uses this technology)

1-2103201P1035cSeveral products home ipl hair removal instruments of Noble, small size, exquisite appearance, mini, portable, painless hair removal, average light output of 400,000 times, also truly permanent family hair removal, unisex, full body application. Home use ipl hair removal, one-time investment, lifelong use, once and for all, you deserve it.

3. HPL: Home Light Laser Hair Removal Technology is a laser for home use developed by Israel. Same as the IPL principle. When light waves illuminate the tissue, the pigment on the hair selectively absorbs most of the light, while the surrounding tissue does not get heated. The melanin on the hair is responsible for absorbing light waves and generating heat, which ultimately stops the growth of hair. It is a relatively fast and effective hair removal technology.


4. ELOS: That is what we say E light. It is a new technology that combines IPL and bipolar RF (a technique commonly used in cosmetic instruments) to selectively synergize the skin and rejuvenate the skin. The combination of IPL and radiofrequency for hair removal has been proven to be safe and effective, and is 20% more effective than IPL alone.

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