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What is the principle of RF applied to beauty?

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RF is an abbreviation for Radio Frequency, which refers to the electromagnetic frequency that can be radiated into space. In short, with the invisible electromagnetic field transmitting energy, as small as the insertion of the heart to treat arrhythmia, as large as satellite communication, can use radio frequency.

The principle of RF applied to beauty (unipolar, bipolar, multipole).

When working, the RF beauty instrument will send electromagnetic waves to the subcutaneous tissue to organize the resistance to electromagnetic waves, so that the water molecules in the tissue instantaneously produce high-speed oscillation. The ions of different sizes, masses, charges, and speeds rub against each other or with the surrounding. The friction of the medium generates heat. When the heat reaches 55-70 °C, the collagen fibers in the dermis will shrink and stimulate the dermis to form new collagen fibers. Through some medical tests, it can be said that radio frequency is a relatively safe and effective way to eliminate wrinkles. So far, the market's RF beauty instruments are roughly divided into three categories, unipolar RF, bipolar RF and multipole RF.


(1) Unipolar RF:

It means that the positive and negative levels do not work in the same interface. That is, one pole acts on your skin, and the other pole is connected to the ground. The energy emitted by the electromagnetic wave from the electrode acts divergently under the skin. The depth of penetration through the body tissue is uncontrollable, and it is more suitable for deep treatment. Need very professional control, not suitable for home.

(2) Bipolar RF:

This is easy to understand, the positive and negative two levels work in the same interface, that is, the contacts of the two poles are on the same skin surface. Between the two stages, an infinite number of connected curved magnetic field lines extend below the skin. When the bipolar RF acts on the skin, the range of the magnetic field is the active area. The depth of the bipolar radio is relatively simple, the range of action is narrow, and the shorter the distance between the two stages, that is, the part of the magnetic field closest to the epidermis, the higher the energy intensity, which is easy to cause burns on the surface of the skin, so at the same time, it is necessary to continuously cool the skin.

(3) Multipole RF:

It is precisely because of the limitations of bipolar RF application to home beauty equipment, brands have made different improvements based on the principle of bipolar RF, which may be more suitable for combined bipolar RF. In fact, multiple bipolar act simultaneously, or the change of each electrode is controlled by technology, so that the magnetic field lines generated between the electrodes interact with each other, thereby making the energy distribution more uniform.

Therefore, it is not that there are several contacts that are a few poles of RF, and more contacts are distributed into positive and negative electrodes, and the electromagnetic field is also generated between the positive and negative electrodes.

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