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What kind of experience is it for girls to have hairy legs

Time : 2021-04-09 Hits : 637

Some netizens joked: because of their bushy leg hair, even mosquitoes can’t get in; if a boy sees a thick layer of leg hair, she would be really embarrassed to find a place to drill into.

In order to "cope" with leg hair, some girls adopt simple and rude hair removal methods: directly scrape with a knife, but this cures the symptoms not from the root cause. The speed of scraping will never catch up with the growth of leg hair, and it may be accidentally scratched; Some girls use hair removal cream. Here I remind everyone that the principle of hair removal cream is to use chemicals to dissolve the hair structure, which lasts for a short time and may cause allergies. Some people even tried to use tweezers to pull out one by one or stick with tape, etc.

What kind of experience is it for girls to have hairy legs

Today, I want to talk about the most popular laser hair removal in recent years. Laser hair removal is based on selective photothermal action. It uses melanin as the target color base to absorb energy, destroy the hair follicle and prevent hair regeneration.

Compared with traditional shaving, beeswax, hair removal cream, etc., laser hair removal can achieve the purpose of long-lasting hair removal, but because about 30% of normal human hair is in the dormant period, the laser basically has no effect on the hair in the dormant period, so after a period of time, the hair in the dormant period will grow out again.

I need to remind you that not everyone is suitable to do laser hair removal. It is recommended not to do it in the following situations:

1. The people who is too young;

2. Pregnant women;

3. Skin that has been exposed to the sun recently or has been tanned;

4. People who have recently used light-sensitive drugs and have photoallergic reactions;

In addition, before laser hair removal treatment, it is forbidden to use plucking and waxing methods to remove hair to avoid epidermal damage.

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