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What maintenance do we need to do after hair removal

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Some people often ask : “What needs to be done after hair removal to maintain the skin”. Whether laser hair removal in hospital or IPL hair removal at home, even the beewax or hair removal cream etc., after doing them, we need to do some conventional protective measures, so what methods should be used and how to do it, be patient. Xiao Nuo has already collected out some skin care and precautions that we need to do after hair removal.


Pay attention to five care points after hair removal:

1, Sooth the skin

No matter which kind of hair removal method, it will damage the hair follicles varying degrees, so the skin must be relieved. After washing the skin with clean water, wipe off the moisture. If you feel pain after depilation, or see redness on the skin. You can soak a cotton pad with mineral water and apply it to the affected area to reduce the discomfort after depilation.

2, Moisturize the skin

Many people feel that their skin will be dry after hair removal, especially in autumn and winter. Therefore, moisturize is neccesary after hair removal, but not skin care products, because they containt fragrance cannot be used after hair removal. When choosing moisturizing products, choose a moisturizing lotion with natural ingredients, preferably colorless and odorless.

3, Avoid sunlight

The skin after depilation cannot be exposed to sunlight, because ultraviolet rays will cause secondary damage to the damaged hair follicles and easily cause pigmentation. You should stay indoors as much as possible. It is better to wear long-sleeved clothing when you go out, to physically isolate the sun, and to keep your personal clothing clean and dry.

4, Stop whitening products

Some women want the fair skin in addition to smooth skin, but they should not use too many skin care products after hair removal. Skin care procedures should be as simple as possible. If you want to make your skin white, you can add a small amount of white vinegar in the bathtub to soak the skin after depilation, which can play a natural whitening effect.

5, Attention the diet

Pay special attention to diet after hair removal. First, eat a light diet. Do not eat spicy and irritating foods, such as peppers and garlic, and avoid allergic foods, such as seafood. You should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as vitamin C-rich fruits, or eat vitamin C tablets directly. Vitamin C can improve skin resistance and reduce pigment production.

No matter which method we use to do hair removal, we must fully understand the skin care methods after hair removal to avoid damage to the hair follicles or skin due to improper handling.

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