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What should be noted in home hair removal device using?

Time : 2018-10-10 Hits : 169

Hair removal devices for home use are becoming more and more popular for people who want to get rid of unwanted hair. What should be noted for people in home hair removal device using?

1. Although it is a household hair removal device, it is still dangerous. Pay attention to it. Shave before use, or you will smell the burning of the hair. Use sunglasses when necessary to isolate the light from the machine and avoid eye damage.

2. The mouth of the instrument should be perpendicular to the skin. Do not let the light leak out. If the posture is wrong, pay attention to the reminder of the instrument.

3. Avoid tattoos, black areas, or areas with deep skin tones because they are not suitable.

4. After the completion, it is mainly sunscreen, and do not wipe too much acid-containing products, which is easy to irritate the skin.

5. There are wounds or sensitive to light, and girls during pregnancy are not suitable for use.

The hair removal machine for home use is more affordable and convenient compare to make hair removal treatment in hospital. What’s more, it is painless. If you want to find a professional manufacturer to OEM or ODM hair removal device for home use, we have the capacity to design and manufacturing hair removal device. We provide the durable and affordable hair removal device. If you’re interested, please feel free to contact us. Our email: [email protected]

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