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What should be paid attention to when using the home epilator

Time : 2020-08-07 Hits : 5

Before using a home depilator, it is important to shave first, and preferably as short as possible. This allows the energy of the home depilator to work more successfully on the hair follicles inside the skin.

In all hair removal instruments, the greater the energy is, the better the hair removal effect. However, the greater the energy, the higher the pain! With the lower the energy, use it more times, you can achieve the same effect.


Girls who use a home depilator must take care to strengthen their sun protection, as this will prevent the laser depilation area from turning black due to pigmentation.

In addition, the effective time of different places is not same, armpit hair and leg hair should be relatively slow, normally need 2-4 weeks of using, people with a lot of hair may need more than a week before they can clearly perceive that the growth rate of hair has slowed down, and the hair removal is still a long-term process.

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